In the haircare industry, the talk of the town at the moment is Brazilian keratin treatments. They are one of the most desired and attention attracting haircare procedures. And according to the latest news, they can provide you with great results after spending only an hour for treatment on your hair, while other conventional procedures took three days.


About Keratin Treatments

There are many names for the straightening treatments; among them are Brazilian keratin treatments, BKT, Brazilian blowout, hair keratin straightening, keratin straightening, and so on. The keratin treatments are special technique to temporarily straighten your hair by applying aldehyde solution and a liquid keratin, and then seal it with a hot flat iron.

Keratin treatments provide a long-term blow dry like result for your hair which lasts around three months. They are ideal for people with frizzy or curly hair who would like to achieve a straighter appearance. Keratin treatments are developed in Brazil, and can be done on both virgin and chemically treated hair.

What’s The Difference from Japanese Treatments?

Keratin treatments eliminate any waves, unruly curls and frizz without making your hair too flat unlike other hair straightening treatments like Japanese Yuko System.

The difference between Keratin treatments and Japanese treatments is not just the ingredients they use. Keratin treatments gradually wear off after a few months and are not permanent solution, while Japanese straightening treatments last longer and also more costly as well as require longer time in the salon.

Responses From Stylists and Curlies

Robert Coykendall, hair stylist at Hair Studio 411 claimed keratin treatments have made great results on his clients. “You can see a huge difference. One woman who had the treatments recently couldn’t believe that she could run her hands through her hair and was so excited.”

CurlTalker Suzie E wasn’t that impressed after she had Brazilian keratin treatment. “I didn’t find any big difference, just bit loose.”

However, as a matter of fact, this is exactly what some of the clients are looking for. They want looser curls and not tight ringlets. Many women are after achieving the beach wave look by Brazilian keratin treatments as that is the look so popular at the moment.

Owner of A Nu-U Salon, Deborah Dreyer agrees that many of her customers seek a looser curl pattern with Brazilian keratin treatments. Dreyer claims she is particularly happy with the latest advanced keratin treatments. “You don’t need to wait long three days before you can wash your hair. And the results are greatly improved with the latest ones.”

Dreyer says that her customers walk out of her salon saying, ‘Keratin is the answer? She claims “If you have frizzy hair and want to do something about it, you will certainly love keratin.”

Celebrity hair stylist who owns three stylish salons, Michael Boychuck says the keratin straightening treatments are a messiah for hair. He claims the treatments provide vitality and new life for hair, and maintain it smooth, soft and ready for the camera.

Suzie E is still undecided whether she’ll come back for her Brazilian keratin treatments. “I have really dry hair and need deep treatments constantly.”

How About The Cost? | Keratin Treatments

The cost you pay for the treatments varies between $250 and $400, and generally you need to use the treatment manufactures’ special line of shampoos and conditioners to maintain the best result.

“Formaldehyde” Free

Another latest development about these treatments is many of them are marketed as “formaldehyde-free”. Although this is true, genuinely straightening keratin treatments require some product belongs to the aldehyde family to achieve the straight look. Keratin itself does not have straightening effect; what it does is coating the hair and provides shiny and glossy touch. Generally most aldehydes are naturally derived, therefore not as toxic as formaldehyde. However, if you are pregnant, it is best not to undergo the keratin treatments. Moreover, many of the stylists and even clients may wear masks in order to avoid any irritants.

If the keratin straightening products are genuinely aldehyde-free, then they are not exactly the ones that referred as keratin treatments, therefore the results you get from these products last much less time probably it could go away after the next hair wash.

You may be confused, but so are many others. The best you can do is to talk to your stylist and ask which keratin treatments they use, and you can make profound research about that particular product.

The best hair salons for Keratin Treatments

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