Short haircuts can look great if you are able to style them correctly. If you have fashioned your haircut after a celebrity, there are certain styling tips that you need to consider. These tips will help enhance the style of your hair and make you appear as you want to.


Cut Back On Blow-Drying

Short haircuts should not be subjected to excessive blow-drying. To achieve the style that you want you should only dry the hair until it is 50% dry. You can then use a bit of serum or wax to style it and leave it to air dry. This offers the natural look that many short haircuts do well with.

Don’t Use A Heavy Gel

Heavy gels can make you look a bit like Dracula with your hair plastered to your head. It is recommended that you rather use wax, serum or oils to keep your hair in place. If you want to comb all of your hair back then you need to ensure you have some height left to it instead of slicking it to the scalp.

Keep Volume Consistent

When you add a bit of volume to your hair you need to keep it consistent. Some people make the mistake of adding volume to the crown of their head and neglect the front. This leaves a very old-fashioned style and does not work very well with modern short haircuts. Always remember to increase volume consistently in the front and the back, but never add too much volume.

You Don’t Need To Spend A Lot Of Time On It

When you have long hair you will need to spend a bit of time working the hair to the style you want. Taking your time with a short haircut can actually make it look worse particularly if you are using products like wax. Overworking your style can result in a helmet and you can avoid this by quickly breezing through your styling routine.

To style short hair you should take some wax and rub it between your hands. You can the move your hands through your head in a claw-like motion by nestling the fingertips into the hair. Moving your hands out of your hair will get the wax onto the strains and running your hands through again will help you achieve the style that you want. This should not take you more than 5 minutes to complete.

Jane Park