Hair styling can take a lot of time, which you may not have to spare in the mornings. However, it is possible to wake up to a beautiful head of hair without doing anything at all! If that sounds intriguing to you, read through the following tips and put them into practice.


Hair styling for Straight Hair

If you want your hair to look as smooth as silk in the morning, begin in the back of your ear. Take your hair and pull it gently in one direction, making sure that the surface is smooth. Keep the hair in place with bobby pins and then wrap a scarf around your head to make sure everything stays as is.

Hair styling for Waves

If you want to look like you just came from the beach, braid your hair before bed. Using a French style, split your hair down the middle and create one braid for each side of your head. Be careful not to pull the hair too tight when you are braiding and keep going for as long as possible to keep out frizz. If you want the style to be a bit looser, use a mousse and then create five buns out of your hair. Keep them in place with bobby pins. When you wake up in the morning and take down your hair, you will have gorgeous waves!


If you want your blowout to look as good in the morning as it does in the evening, take either a foam styling donut or big, two inch bobby pins and fasten your hair in a loose knot. If you want large waves, dry your hair partially and then fasten it in two donut buns.

Deep Conditioning

If you want to deep condition your hair while you sleep, first make sure that your locks are clean. Use warm water so that the moisturizer is better able to take hold of the hair. Put on the deep conditioner, using a comb to evenly apply it in your hair. Then, take saran wrap and cover your hair, so that it stays in one place and does not make a mess when you lay down at night. When you wake up, cool rinse your hair so that it looks its best!

Hair styling for Bangs

To make sure your bangs stay tame, you have to style them immediately after you wash your hair. If you do not, it is incredibly difficult to get them to behave. In the morning, take light pomade and work it through your hair with a bristle brush. This will get your bangs ready for a long day!

Jane Park